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What’s your par?

We’re in full swing golf season and at the end of vacationing! Every Wednesday my husband goes golfing, the guys were chatting about a few scenic golf courses they’d like to play at. Soon after we decided to take a weekend trip and play at some new courses. After some research we came up with [&hellip

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Celebrating Family

Recently a friend attended a family reunion. He showed me the photos of everyone smiling brightly while squished together. I heard about family history and stories, the whole conversation warmed my heart. It got me thinking about the importance of family and made me realize how quickly time is slipping away. I need to get [&hellip

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Vacation Planning for Seniors

Spring has sprung and senior travel is booming! A little extra planning is required for a successful trip. We’ve come up with some helpful suggestions to make sure all your needs are met. What to bring. Luggage can be a burden and heavy to carry around. Lighten the load by packing less clothes and doing [&hellip

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Happy Earth Day.

Almost 45 years ago today in 1970 millions of people took to the streets in demonstrations and marches calling attention to the pollution issues in America. Earth Day was originally created to bring awareness to environmental concerns such as air and water pollution. It was founded by Senator Gaylord Nelson in 1970. I could overflow [&hellip

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Fried Electronics

Spring time brings the beautiful powerful lightening storms. They’re calming to watch but your electronics can take a beating if they aren’t properly protected. It’s important to use a surge protector but not all surge protectors and power strips are created equal. Power strips vs surge protectors. A power strip is an extension of your [&hellip

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